At Licursi Home & Garden, our customers are inspired the moment they step inside our store & boutique.

The Licursi Difference

For more then 30 years, the Licursi family has honored their commitment of providing premium products and service to both commercial groups and residential communities. To this day, the Licursi family has continued this pursuit of high quality.


The Gravely Atlas JSV

The job site can be unforgiving. Unapologetic. It’s a world unto itself, with its own rules, tools, and terrain. And that’s exactly why we built the Atlas. From its fabricated steel cargo bed right down to pedal spacing optimized for work boots, everything about Atlas is designed for the job site. It’s a smooth-riding, quick-moving, mass-hauling workhorse of a vehicle, with the class-leading payload and towing capacity to prove it.

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